Architectural patterns in software design

Architectural patterns in software design

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Let's explore a few:

1️⃣ **Event-Driven Architecture (EDA):**

System flow is driven by events, fostering asynchronous communication between components. Key concepts include events, event handlers, and asynchronous communication. 🔄 #SoftwareArchitecture #EventDriven

2️⃣ **Layered Architecture:**

Organize your system into distinct layers, each with specific responsibilities. Communication between layers ensures efficient functionality. 🎨 #LayeredArchitecture #SoftwareDesign

3️⃣ **Monolith:**

A traditional approach with tightly integrated components in a single codebase. Achieve unity with a single deployment unit. 🏰 #Monolith #SoftwareDevelopment

4️⃣ **Microservices Architecture:**

Break down applications into small, independently deployable services. Boost scalability, maintainability, and flexibility. 🌐 #Microservices #Scalability

5️⃣ **Model-View-Controller (MVC):**

Separate your application into interconnected components: Model, View, and Controller. Streamline user interface management and business logic. 👩‍💻 #MVC #SoftwareEngineering

6️⃣ **Master-Slave Architecture:**

Empower central nodes (masters) to control and manage subordinate nodes (slaves). Efficient task distribution and reporting. ⚙️ #MasterSlave #DistributedSystems

Choose the architecture that aligns with your application's unique needs and goals. Each pattern offers a tailored approach to elevate your software system!

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